Amaravati, Amaravati Swiss Challenge, Amaravati Swiss Challenge Controversy, AP Capital Amaravati Swiss Challenge Controversy, Chandrababu Naidu Amaravati Swiss Challenge ControversyAndhra Pradesh government is thinking on the lines to reveal the Revenue Sharing formula proposed by Singapore Consortium for the development of Seed Capital of Amaravati. The issue is currently under the purview of the High Court and the court primarily opined that revealing the Revenue Sharing is important.

The government is of the opinion that Swiss Challenge Procedure require the bid not to be disclosed but then as the issue is raking unnecessary controversy. The government is now considering revealing it. However, it is not clear how to disclose. They have two options. One to disclose it to those who are eligible in Technical Bid

And the second option is to declare it via a Public notice. The case will come to hearing on Friday. The government will take a concrete decision on that by then and inform about it to the court. Since Amaravati Construction is an issue of paramount significance for the state, Naidu does not want to get it stuck in legal issues and delay the construction.