Chandrababu Naidu Sends Quality Message At The Time of CrisisA Politician can not be a leader without the foresight to help future generations. A politician is never a leader just by distributing freebies. While the entire country is trembling at the very mention of the Coronavirus, the Crisis has proved why the country needs leaders like Chandrababu Naidu.

The Genome Valley in Hyderabad and Medtech Zone in Vishakapatnam have become the talk of the country in this Crisis. Genome Valley was set up in Hyderabad during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime in 1999. It is basically a cluster of various Biomedical research, training, and manufacturing.

Bharat Biotech, a company located there is now working on India’s first Coronavirus vaccine. And then, there is Medtech Zone in Vishakapatnam setup in 2016 again in Chandrababu’s regime is playing a crucial role in the Coronavirus fight of Andhra Pradesh. The Trunat machines manufactured here primarily to test TB cases were available in many Government hospitals in AP.

These machines are now used for Corona tests in the state. While the other states are struggling to procure these machines, AP already have them via the Medtech Zone. The zone is also manufacturing rapid testing kits at a rate of 2,000 per day. All this combined has helped Andhra Pradesh to do large scale testing.

Medtech Zone has also started the manufacturing of ventilators. These are examples of how a leader’s vision can transform lives. May the tribe of such leaders increase in the country.