Chandrababu Naidu Fans Counter to SakshiSakshi media vigorously promoted the picture of Chandra Babu Naidu spotted reading Sakshi newspaper stating that Naidu is reading the paper to know how their government is working and to find out the flaws in their ruling.

Here they highlighted two points. One is that Naidu reads Sakshi and second is that he reads the same as it is the only tabloid that publishes facts and hence the CM follows the same for a proper feedback. Now, TDP/Naidu fans came with a counteract for it. Jagan’s father late YSR had always termed Andhrajyothi as ‘Yellow media’. And the picture showing YSR reading Andhrajyoti is being used as a counter on Sakshi’s promotion.

It is very natural that politicians follow most of the news sources. But the social media as all know, takes an elephant out of a rat hole and this the best example that media can make anything up for the news feed.