It looks like TDP and Janasena are coming closer once again. TDP had expressed solidarity for Janasena’s Long March in Vishakapatnam on Sand Shortage issue, Janasena extended the same for Chandrababu’s Sand Deeksha today. Chandrababu Naidu mentioned about Pawan Kalyan in his speech at the Deeksha.

“While Pawan Kalyan did Long March for Sand Workers, the Chief Minister is making Personal Remarks on him. If we start making personal comments on you and your family, Can you bear it? Should we afraid of you? Use the time of scolding us to help the people to tide over this crisis,” Chandrababu said.

It is known to our readers that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy mentioned about Pawan Kalyan’s Multiple marriages. Pawan Kalyan also gave a strong retort to the comment saying that Jagan also can marry thrice and there is no stopping by anyone. 

YSR Congress leaders have unleashed a massive attack on Pawan Kalyan since then calling him all sorts of names. It has to be seen if Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan join hands to fight the common enemy.