mudragada padmanabham Chnadrababu naidiuCM Chandra Babu known for his management skills is set to clean stump the Mudragada Padmanabham Kapu agitation with his latest moves. In recently concluded budget, CBN announced Rs.1000Crs to Kapu community which led to abrupt cancellation of Mudragada planned agitation.

In latest attempts to marginalize the Kapu agitation, he decided to hold the meeting with all the Kapu MLAs in lake view guest house today evening. Already, Bonda Uma convened meeting at Vijayawada with all key Kapu leaders from all districts today morning. In this meeting, Uma elucidated that TDP is keen to do justice the community. “That’s the reason a separate Kapu corporation and Rs.1000Crs. allocation done by Govt.” Uma said to Kapu leaders.

The meeting went successful and all were reportedly promised to stay away from the Mudragada calls. With the inclusion of Jyothula Nehru, TDP is planning to erupt as largest Kapu representation party in the state. Already some dissent felt in Kapu community over Mudragada unclear strategy and violation caused in the agitations. These moves further distance him from the community.