Chandrababu-Naidu-Cheers-Yeddyurappa-DownfallThe Floor Test in Karnataka Assembly fizzed out against the popular belief of going down the wire. Yeddyurappa has announced his resignation even before the Floor Test admitting his defeat. Media has caught up Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seeking his first reaction on the downfall of BJP Government in just three days.

“Right now news has come that BS Yeddyurappa has resigned as Karnataka’s CM, are all of you happy? All those who believe in democracy are happy,” Chandrababu Naidu said. Naidu has called the Telugu Population in Karnataka to defeat BJP which has cheated Andhra Pradesh by going back on all the bifurcation promises.

But then Naidu can not cheer this victory loud as his party is anti-Congress all its life. On the other side, BJP Leaders swear to finish off Naidu as a mark of revenge. The local leaders are mincing no words in saying that they will send CBI and ED hounding the TDP Supremo. But then for this moment, Naidu will have the laugh.