Telangana Andhra Pradesh Assets Chandrababu Offer, Telangana Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Assets Division,Telangana AP Assets Divided,Telangana AP Assets KCR  38,260 Crore is going to be divided between both the Telugu States as it is confirmed that they will have to divide the assets and liabilities of all the institutions listed under Schedule X in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. The total land value of all the institutions has been pegged at Rs 16,070 crore.

The value of land and buildings at Rs 17,001 crore, value of movable assets at Rs 218 crore, value of machinery and equipment at Rs 335 crore, fixed deposits of Rs 2,970 crore and liquid cash in banks amounts to Rs 1,663 crore. It is reliably learnt that AP government is giving an offer to Telangana.

AP government is reportedly okay to accept its share in the form of land in Hyderabad as compensation, in case the Telangana government cannot pay the 52 percent of share that is due to AP as part of the AP Reorganization Act in form of cash but that will give AP government a hold on Telangana Capital, Telangana government is worried.