Andhra Pradesh MLC Elections Jagan ChandrababuTelugu Desam Party had pulled out a sensation once again in Andhra Pradesh. After a clean sweep in Graduate MLC Elections, TDP won a seat in the MLA-quota MLC elections as well.

TDP‘s Panchumarthi Anuradha won with 23 First Priority votes. TDP has nine votes after four MLAs ditched the party. Two Rebel MLAs from YSRCP – Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy and Anam Ram Narayana Reddy may have cross voted.

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That takes the total to Twenty-one. Just one more vote is needed to win but Anuradha got two votes. That means along with two rebels, two YSR Congress MLAs voted for Anuradha.

YSR Congress which won 151 MLA seats, 23 MP seats, and almost every seat in local elections suddenly looks very vulnerable. With elections just one year away, Chandrababu will give sleepless nights to Jagan in the days to come.

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Jagan frequently shames TDP as 23 seat party but on the same 23rd of March and in the year 2023, TDP’s candidate won by 23 votes. TDP supporters are saying – “Idi Kadha Devudi Script ante!”

Jagan Mohan Reddy is in denial mode after Graduates elections and did not even talk about that result. Leaders like Sajjala tried to play it down saying various cock and bull stories. But then, this election should shake the party from head to toe.

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Jagan is making tall claims of Why Not 175? Why Not Kuppam? but then, it is clear that he is lacking support from the common voters as well as his own MLAs. If this is not a warning, Jagan’s dreams will come crashing down in 2024.

This victory of TDP is also a lesson for BJP and Janasena. We have seen Janasena talking about power-sharing and BJP talking about occupying the opposition space after TDP’s demise in 2024. It is clear one can never write off a party like TDP.

These two election results will change the landscape of Andhra Pradesh in days to come. This is the first time TDP showed signs of recovery so early before an election which its won. If the party is able to maintain the tempo, we will see a landslide victory in 2024.