Chandrababu naidu pledgeIt is most common opinion in Political experts that BJP is not helping Andhra Pradesh as much as it should for the sole reason, Chandrababu Naidu will get more popular and there will no space for BJP growth in the state. However reports are suggesting that BJP’s plan is getting counter productive for them.

A recent survey revealed that people of Andhra Pradesh have recognized Naidu’s efforts to develop the state and will be giving up unanimous mandate in 2019 election. The survey revealed that TDP is poised to get a minimum of 19 MP seats in the next elections even by liberal estimates.

This is more than the tally of BJP and TDP put together in 2014. Analysts say people in Andhra Pradesh are politically vigilant and recognized the need of TDP having good number of MP seats for 2019 as it may be difficult for BJP to garner majority on its own in the next elections. More MP seats will ensure TDP’s bargaining power improves.