Chandrababu-Naidu-and-Lokesh-Shows-Restrain-on-Pawan-KalyanFor some reason, TDP seems to still show restraint on Pawan Kalyan even though the later is going all guns aiming at the ruling party. Pawan Kalyan made severe comments about Lokesh orchestrating the campaign on his mother with the help of the favorable media.

Even then both of them did not lose their cool. Naidu responded to the allegations after finishing his Deeksha the other day. “While we are fighting for the state, personal interests have become paramount for others. They should have done that yesterday or tomorrow but they chose today for obvious reasons,” Naidu said.

“Your comments have hurt me a lot. You made similar comments on me in the past and later claimed that they are based on hearsay. One’s personality is the result of years of hard work. I am not uncultured to make comments on a hearsay basis. Time will showcase the facts. I still respect you. Mathrudevobava,” Lokesh posted on Twitter.