Chandrababu_Naidu_YS_Jagan_DavosTDP chief Chandrababu Naidu used to maintain a constant presence at World Economic Forum, Davos and actively work on getting investments for Andhra Pradesh. But this energy or motivation is lacking in current CM Jagan.

TDP’s Nara Lokesh took took to social media to call out Jagan over his lack of interest towards attracting investments for Andhra Pradesh.

Lokesh reacted to a social media post that compared CBN’s constant efforts to gain investment at Davos and the lack of thereof from Jagan.

Lokesh tweeted “Sri @ncbn visiting Davos 9 times for investment Versus @ysjagan showing no interest spells out how Andhra Pradesh’s potential to create jobs for its youth has been destroyed.”

Andhra Pradesh government, led by Jagan had already been in the firing line for not bringing any new investments to the state, and on top of it, scaring away investors with reverse tenders and hostile regulations.

Now, Lokesh has targeted Jagan over the Davos World Economic Forum meet. He has started an all-out war against Jagan on social media.