Chandrababu -Naidu - Banned-MediaTelugu Desam Party has decided to blacklist four channels (including one web channel) that are taking the side of the ruling party and defame the opposition party by taunting the party leaders who attend debates and the interviews.

Along with Sakshi, TV9 and Prime9 are also added to the list along with a web channel. The web channel is notorious for approaching the TDP leaders and showcasing them in a poor light by twisting the answers to the questions. The web channel’s owner is rewarded with a plum post in the Government for the channel’s services during 2014-19.

TDP which has ignored all this for a long time has finally realized the damage they are doing. The party’s central office sent a circular to all the members to refrain from giving interviews and attending debates on these channels. This has been the Achilles heel of TDP for a long time.

They have ignored the agenda of TV9 considering its popularity and also turned a blind eye to the surge of web channels and YouTube Channels where YSR Congress has a big hold. They finally seem to have decided enough is enough and blacklisted the channels.

Chandrababu always resorted to calculative politics. However, these calculations often fail in this era of cut-throat politics. This kind of decision may hurt in a short time but will send the right message to the public exposing the agendas. It will help to kill the credibility of these channels which takes sides in the mask of neutral channels.

Cadre is happy. Meanwhile, these channels and YSR Congress-affiliated media are foul-crying this ban in the name of Freedom of Press while ignoring YSR Congress’ previous ban on Andhrajyothy.