Chandrababu Leaves That Bad Habit For GoodFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is always known for his indecisiveness. Naidu is known for delaying decisions until the last minute.

It happened during the Telangana issue as well and as a result, Naidu though unintentionally weakened the party in Telangana. But then, Naidu seems to have let go off this bad habit.

Jagan Mohan Reddy brought Three Capitals to kill Amaravati. Though impractical, Three Capitals sounds more fancy in the name of Decentralization.

It is easy that Naidu may be pushed into dilemma of supporting the three capitals with the idea of not to snub people of two other regions but the TDP Supremo held his ground.

Irrespective of the region, Naidu has been reiterating that Amaravati will be the sole capital of Andhra Pradesh. He did that in Bobbili (Uttarandhra) and Kurnool (Rayalaseema) too.

Chandrababu has got the support from the crowd as well and that means he will continue to talk about it in the future district tours as well. It is good that Naidu did not remain indecisive and walk into the trap of the Opposition.