Chandrababu Learned The Lesson Hard WayFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is touring the flood-affected areas of Rayalaseema and is also reviewing the party condition in the respective areas end of the day. The other day, he had made some crucial comments about the way forward.

“I am noting down the leaders who are working hard in the current times. Going forward only those who work hard will be rewarded. Those who smell victory at the last minute and join the party will not have any prominence,” Chandrababu Naidu clarified.

This is one of the mistakes Chandrababu Naidu has committed between 2014 and 2019. Twenty Three MLAs from YSR Congress were admitted into TDP and some of them were also made the Ministers. Many of them have gone back and many lost. Many are inactive in the party.

Because of such leaders, those who really stayed and worked in the party for a long time were sidelined and not given enough opportunities. It looks like Chandrababu realized the mistake now and hopefully he will stick to his word, TDP Supporters say.