Chandrababu & Defensive Politics: Old Habits Die Hard!Telugu Desam Party which is going aggressive on the YSR Congress Government suddenly found itself in a shell. A small leader of the party was accused of sexually harassing a minor girl in Vijayawada and the poor girl committed suicide.

TDP high command immediately suspended the accused from the party. Ideally, that is what any party can do and the courts will decide the further course. YSR Congress lapped the opportunity and has unleashed a media and social media smear campaign on TDP.

We have seen a barrage of tweets on social media as if TDP is behind the girl’s suicide. TDP is being overcautious on the issue and is maintaining silence. The party leadership should have come before the media and demanded punishment of the highest degree to the accused.

It is something very simple but the party leadership is clueless. It looks like they are worried about saying the accused was the party leader once. In the process, they are allowing YSR Congress to do big damage. This kind of defensive politics always hurt TDP and it looks like old habits die hard.

No party would do a background check of its cadre and leader before admitting into the party. The reaction of the party when something happens is most important. Even after suspending the accused real quick, the party could not capitalize on it.