Chandra Babu's special concentration on Rebels!
Telugu Desam Party Supremo Chandra Babu Naidu is entirely focused on the preparations for the upcoming elections. He is holding special meetings with each assembly segment in-charges and local leaders and busy in finalizing candidates. CBN is especially concentrating on the segments in which leaders jumped the wall and ditched the party. He is allowing few leaders to come back, those leaders who went to other parties silently and is finalizing strong candidates in the segments where his former leaders made scathing attack on him and TDP.

These segments include Thambalapally, Gudivada etc. He also assured the candidates of such segments of providing some funding from party’s side too. In 2009, when TDP leaders jumped to PRP, CBN took those seats prestigious and made sure they lose. Except for Ghanta Srinivasa Ram and C.Rama Chandraiah, nobody who jumped from TDP went on to win then. CBN is expecting no less this time.