The confusion regarding Chandra Babu Naidu’s vote yesterday is cleared. There was a big fuss that Chandra Babu’s vote will become invalid as he revealed to whom he voted. State Election Commission Officer Bhanwarlal also confirmed that revealing one’s choice of vote is illegal and Chandra Babu’s vote will be treated invalid. Telugu Desam Party wrote a letter to Central Election Commission regarding Bhanwarlal and argued that he do not have any power to declare Chandra Babu’s vote as invalid.

Finally Central Election Commission confirmed that there is no rule which states that a vote will become invalid if a voter declares his vote after casting it. CEC also cleared that a vote will become invalid only if a voter discloses his voting option openly.However CEC had also confirmed that the commission will investigate to see if Chandra Babu held the press conference within 100 meters from the polling booth if some one complaints. According to Election Code of Conduct, no media interaction should be held within 100 meters from any polling booth.