The hard task master of employees seem to be back. On the eve of completion of 100 days rule, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu is reviewing the administration of the state. Mr.Naidu has met with all the heads of the departments and took note of the progress they made in the 100 days. In the event, Chandra Babu has responded strongly on few officials and departments who did not make notable progress in these days. He reported warned them not to be complacent and be accountable to the vision of his government.

Chandra Babu was fully in appreciation of the Power department which made several progressive steps in these days. The department had successfully worked on the cancelling of existing PPAs to ensure the power produced in AP with out sharing to Telangana. Chandra Babu also heaped praises on the Power department officials who almost made sure of 24X7 Power Supply even though the program was supposed to start from October 2nd. Chandra Babu also instructed officials to instructed to bring iPads to the next meeting inspired from his recent e-cabinet.