Last decade, Karnataka was busy embracing all the investors coming down the South cashing in to the political turmoil in Andhra Pradesh. The state has got good deals from various industry big heads after Tamil Nadu in the South. When Hero Motocorp declared its South plans early this quarter, Karnataka was the obvious choice. Siddaramaiah government was talking to the company and was in the verge of closing the deal to establish the company at Mummigatti village near Dharwad.

But Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has pulled off a blinder by taking away the company to Chittoor district. However Siddaramaiah government is being criticized for being complacent and laid back in luring the company to Karnataka. The Congress Chief Minister is said to be surprised with Chandra Babu’s sensation and is currently pondering over what could have gone wrong from his side to lose the company!