Chandra Babu Naidu's plans for Runa Maafi

Runa Maafi is the major factor of Chandra Babu’s victory in the elections. The announcement went well in to rural people and they voted in big numbers. And now all eyes on Chandra Babu to fulfill his promise. Even YSR Congress leaders are waiting for Chandra Babu to commit mistake to chide them in public. But Chandra Babu do not want to give them a chance.

It is said that Chandra Babu is already in talks with the bankers regarding this. According to the plan, Government will give bonds and certificates to banks for the loans taken by the farmers Government will only pay interest every year and will pay the principal amount only after 5 years. Since banks operate on interests, they will be very happy with the deal. They will reschedule farmer’s loans and issue them fresh loans. If Bankers agree to this proposal, it will be the biggest achievement of TDP government and it will add to Chandra Babu’s credibility.