Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has accepted the challenge of his Telangana counterpart to compete in development. Speaking in a public meeting in Vishakapatnam, “I am always ready to compete with any one in development. I already have a proven track record with Hyderabad”, Naidu said. He advised KCR and his government to put an end to the controversial attitude and work for the welfare of Telugu people.

Chandra Babu said that both the states lost immensely due to the imperfect state bifurcation. “Even though it is not in our jurisdiction, we still offered to pay for fees for settlers to the extent of 58%. People should observe who is striving for the welfare of Telugu race,” Chandra Babu said. The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister reiterated that his government is committed to carry out loan waiver as promised before the elections.