Chalo Delhi Need of the Hours for Chandrababu Naidu, Jagan, and Pawan KalyanThe Special Status issue had gained ground in Andhra Pradesh all of sudden. With the Union Budget just one year away, all the political parties from TDP to even the Left parties are trying to make a mark in this agitation and impress the people.

YSR Congress MPs have resigned and sat for a Fast-unto-death. TDP MPs took everyone by surprise trying to siege the Prime Minister’s Residence in Delhi while Janasena had announced a series of meetings in various parts of Andhra Pradesh.

But then, it is becoming increasingly difficult for all the parties to make a mark on the people. They have come to an assessment that the heat cannot be maintained unless Naidu or Jagan Mohan Reddy enters the fray themselves. Also, they should plan something in Delhi to prove their point about fighting with the center.

Pawan Kalyan already announced the intention of sitting for a fast-unto-Death previously and it could be a gamechanger for Janasena if it really happens. Jagan will be shedding his Pro-BJP image if he does something in Delhi and corner BJP. If it is Naidu, it will be a sensation across the National media since a CM hitting the roads in Delhi is not a simple thing.