Chalo CMO: Vijayawada Resembling India - Pakistan BorderUnited Teachers Federation (UTF) announced Chalo CMO to oppose the delay in the CPS cancelation as promised by Jagan before the elections.

The police department has done some unprecedented security arrangements to foil the protest. Police arrests are continuing everywhere.

Teachers coming to Vijayawada from various districts are being blocked on the way. Police are deployed on the Chennai-Vijayawada National Highway. Only those with identity cards are allowed.
Passengers, and motorists, are getting into trouble with police restrictions.

In some places, people are being sent back without allowing them into Vijayawada.

Along with Guntur, police were heavily deployed on the way to CMO in the Tadepalli area.

More than 1000 police officials were deployed and 52 checkpoints were set up on the roads leading to Tadepalli.

On the service road leading to the CMO, 200 meters high fencing was arranged to prevent anyone from going.

“A Chief Minister who came to power by being among the people is now trying to prevent the same people. That is the biggest fall of Jagan Mohan Reddy. Vijayawada, Tadepalli, etc are resembling as the India – Pakistan border,” UTF leaders are criticizing.