Central Taxes On Petrol Rose By 307%While Narendra Modi used to go all out in criticizing the previous Congress Governments on fuel prices, his government itself is a major Culprit on this issue. Central taxes on petrol and diesel rose by over 307% in the last six years.

These exorbitant central taxes has allowed the Union government to mop up a whopping Rs 2.94 lakh crore through taxes on fuel between April 2020 and January 2021. Even when the global crude prices went down drastically, the Government never allowed the benefit to the end users.

Moreover, center do not pass on a share of the taxes to the states and so, the states continue to charge more in the form of VAT to fill their coffers. As a result, Petrol Prices is inching towards 110 Rupees per liter while Diesel is around 100 Rupees per liter.

Meanwhile, the common man continues to suffer even as Governments fill their coffers.