Central Minister Reading Notes Written By Chandrababu!Strange are the ways of YSR Congress. On one side, they keep saying BJP is not giving appointment to Chandrababu Naidu and on the other side, they blame Union Minister reading notes written by the Former Chief Minister.

The other day, speaking about the Dam Safety Bill, Union Minister Gajendra Shekawat narrated how the state government has completely failed in managing Annamayya Dam. The dam failed killing 10s of people and bringing huge loss of properties.

“The Dam gates were not opened and when huge flood came. Officials tried to let the flood down by opening all the gates and spillway but the gates did not open. The failure has become a case study for engineers of other countries regarding Dam Safety,” the Union Minister said in the Parliament.

Water Resources Minister Anil Kumar Yadav rubbished the Minister’s statement and termed it as the Minister’s lack of understanding. “We can seen Chandrababu’s men – Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh sitting beside the Minister. They may have fed the TDP version to the Minister and may have misguided him,” Anil Kumar Yadav said.

The state BJP is yet to respond on these allegations. YSR Congress can use BJP card in any way they need to target Chandrababu Naidu but now, they seems to be defaming the Central Minister himself.