YS Jagan - Three Capitals - Amaravati-Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Government has dropped the bills pertaining to three capitals and announced that it would come up with better bills with wider consultations in the future. There were some people who say three capitals will happen only if Jagan gets another term in 2024.

Meanwhile, there are two reasons behind Jagan’s sudden move. The first is that the High Court had started the daily hearings of the petitions against three capitals and has been making comments against the Government plans. The government has felt it is not used to pursue legally flawed bills.

Secondly, in his recent Tirupati trip, Union Home Minister Amit Shah took a class to BJP state leaders to immediately participate in the Amaravati farmers’ Padayatra. At that time, some media reports mentioned that Amit Shah specifically cited Intelligence Reports about many districts in Andhra Pradesh being sympathetic to the Amaravati movement.

Initially, Jagan did not take it seriously but when AP BJP leaders rushed to support the Padayatra, the media reports turned true. An emergency cabinet meeting was convened a day after BJP leaders participation in Padayatra and a bill was moved on the same day to repeal the bills pertaining to decentralization.