YS Jagan government loansPAC Chairman Payyavula Keshav has released a letter of the Union Government written to Andhra Pradesh Principal Secretary. In the letter, the center warns Andhra Pradesh against trying to hoodwink it and going loans more than the FRBM limits.

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According to the letter, Andhra Pradesh Government has borrowed 17,923.94 Crore in the last financial year above the limit allowed which is unconstitutional. The center has informed the state of adding that extra amount to the new financial year.

This is the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh that a government has tried to keep the center in dark borrowing more than the allowed limits. Also, the 18,000 Crore extra borrowings if added to this year’s borrowing limits will make things much worse.

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It has to be seen what the Central Government will do about Andhra Pradesh’s financial indiscipline which if ignored for a long time can lead to the state to danger zone.