Finally some clarity over Polavaram project fundingCentral government shocked Andhra Pradesh once again by trying to change the definition of National Projects. Until now, Center had to bear all the expenses of a National Project. However the center is proposing to change that. Going forward, funding for such projects will be in the form of loans and grants.

Loans come with interest while grants do not. This will be a huge blow to the state which is already reeling under severe funds crunch. The state government is gearing up to register its protest with the center on the same. Center is already finding new ways to delay Polavaram Project.

And this proposal will mean that it will be a death blow to the project which is considered as the life line for Andhra Pradesh. This proposal not only affects Andhra Pradesh but will also impact all the major projects in the country. Such a move will also impact the image of Narendra Modi government big time!