Center to wash hands with meagre helpCenter is all set to give another stroke to the AP government. If reports are to be believed, Rs.900Crs will be released from center to the AP government against the actual proposed requirement of Rs.24,000Crs.

In this Rs.900Crs, Rs.500crs will be releasing to bridge the revenue deficit, Rs.200Crs for Polavaram Project and remaining Rs.200Crs for construction of Amaravathi construction. These amounts will be released by March 31st. There are differences in the views of central government and AP Government in regards of discharging the funds which were released to the strained state. Centre is accusing the AP Govt. for diverting the funds allocated to Polavaram and Capital Construction to different welfare schemes.

The people of Andhra Pradesh has already dissatisfied with recent budget tabled in parliament. They are opining that center is going to wash the hands with meagre help.