IT minister  Ravi Shankar Prasad Chandrababu naiduThe previous government had sanctioned ITIR Project for Vishakapatnam and Tirupati during the state bifurcation which are expected to support IT boom in the residuary state. Andhra Pradesh government had completed the DPR work of the Vishakapatnam project and submitted it to the center an year ago.

But the Union IT Ministry is sitting on the file till now with out clearing it. When the state government requested for movement, IT ministry replied that they are bringing about a change in the ITIR policy and asked to wait till then. Thus the proposal is kept on hold.

Once if the proposal is moved, all the clearances are expected to take one and half year time. Given the pace, the project may not be completed before the next elections. The project if done is expected to create Five Lakh jobs in in IT and electronics field by 2020.