According to the most reliable information available with, the Center is pushing Telangana State government to give the powers on Law and Order of Hyderabad to the Governor. There is a certain clause in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act which relegates the law and order powers of Hyderabad to Governor during the common capital period.

It is said that the Center has already written a letter to Telangana Chief Secretary regarding this in the last month and there are some communications going on between both the sides regarding this issue. It is said that Telangana government is not at all ready to relinquish its powers over Hyderabad and is terming Center’s move as Unconstitutional. However if the issue goes to courts, the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act may itself fall flat since there is no word like common capital in the constitution which further complicates the whole issue.

Telangana Chief Minister K ChandraSekhar Rao asked his Chief Secretary to send back Center’s letter and add a strong message to it stating that Telangana government would not want the Center to interfere in the state affairs which will prove detrimental to the democracy and federal spirit. KCR asked the CS to send the letter to all the state Chief Ministers and tell them that Center is trying to annex the powers of the state. If Center wants to implement this at any cost, the constitution even allows it to go for the President’s Rule and implement this.