The Central Government’s decision to privatize Vishaka Steel Plant is creating tremors in the Port City. People are agitating against this move but it looks like the Central Government is still keen on standing by its decision of Privatizing the major PSU. Moreover, the Government seems to be playing its cards close to its chest on this issue.

A Vijayawada based RTI activist wrote to the Central Government regarding the details and proposals of Vishaka Steel Plant but the Prime Minister’s Office had declined to give any such details saying that revealing such details amounts to revealing Business Secrets and is against the spirit of fair Business.

Vishaka Steel Plant is a Public Sector Unit. It is built and run with the money of the public. When Government is privatizing such an industry, it should be keeping public in know of what is going on. Hiding such details in the name of Business secrets will only bring more doubts on Modi Government,” political experts say.

On the other hand, TDP Vishakapatnam Parliament incharge, Palla Sriniavasa Rao who is on a fast unto death against the privatization for the last one week has been forcibly shifted to the hospital in the early hours of today. Palla, however, did not relent and is continuing his fast even in the hospital.