Uma Bharati, Uma Bharati Union Water Resources Minister, Uma Bharati Andhra Pradesh, Uma Bharati telangana, Uma Bharati cabinet ministerAs expected the meeting between both the Water Resources Ministers of AP and Telangana ended in inconclusive. Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharati facilitated this meeting hoping to solve the deadlock situation over the sharing of Krishna Water. Both the states have stick to their stances forcing no solution.

Center had decided to continue the last year formula for the next three months and asked both the states to resolve the issue by themselves during this time. Center seem to be missing or ignoring the fact both these states can never arrive on common ground given their political differences.

BJP which is at the center is resorting to political calculations and is adopting ‘No Make No Break’ policy with out resolving the issues. This policy ended up both the states resorting to street fights last year by deploying Police. Lets see where this leads to in the next three months.