Rajnath Singh Additional appointed AK Singh, AP Telangana fundsUnion Home Minister Rajnath Singh made an announcement in the parliament regarding the encounter in Seshachalam Forests. Rajnath seem to have defended TDP government in this issue and urged other parties not to play petty politics on this issue. He also clarified that there is no question of CBI investigation on this encounter as AP government did not put forth any such request.

“Andhra Pradesh government is following the instructions of the Supreme Court and the other courts in this issue. If the SIT investigation says Police are the culprits we do not have any objection to take action on them”, Rajnath announced to the house. It is known that the high court had order the SIT team to directly report to them in this investigation to make sure government do not influence the investigation process.

Two out of the 20 smugglers killed in the encounter were said to be International Red Sandal smugglers clarified the Red Sanders Anti Smuggling Task Force. All those killed were locals of Tamil Nadu. A gang of 30 men tried to attack the Task Force members with sickles and axes which resulted in firing from the task force. However Tamil associations and political parties claim the encounter as state sponsored murders of innocent wood cutters.