Center Pitches for Reservations in Job PromotionsNarendra Modi led Central Government is making a strong pitch for Reservations to SC and ST Employees in Job Promotions. The Center informed the Supreme Court that SC/ST employees were presumed to be backward due to more than thousand years of deprivation and must get 22.5 percent quota for in promotions.

Earlier this week, Center also decided to amend the Dalit atrocities law to overrule top court verdict that was perceived to have diluted the law. Both these attempts seem to influence those Groups politically ahead of the coming elections.

In 2006, the Supreme Court had ruled against quotas in promotions. The Central Government is trying to convince the Apex Court to change its earlier stance. This may open a pandora box against the BJP since its supporters are feeling that it is a step backward from the government perceived as a Progressive one.

There were demands from the Right Wingers to plug the reservations by bringing in a clause that the descendants of those who enjoyed Reservations will not be able to use them again. Forget about that, BJP is trying to make the reservations system more complicated with this new idea.