KCR Chandrababu CM photos

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization act-2014 divided the power available in United State according to the usage of the power in each region over the last 10 years. Accordingly Telangana is given 53.89% power generated in the state and AP is given the rest of the 46.11 power. However Center was informed that there is a mistake in the calculation of the usage in power and AP is given less than the deserved. Telangana government even admitted the mistake.

So, the allotments are corrected. Now Andhra Pradesh will get 47.88% while Telangana will get 52.12%. Both the states have `completed their arguments regarding the ongoing PPAs controversy between both the states before the Neeraja Mathur committee constituted to resolve these issues. However they could not reach to a proper resolution in this aspect. The committee has decided to meet once again on 24th of this month.