Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh suspended the Home Ministry’s directive on Special Powers to Governor till August 18th when the TRS MPs will have a meeting with the home ministry. The minister asked TRS MPs not to protest in the house on this issue. Earlier in the day, TRS MPs repeatedly stalled the proceedings of the Parliament on the ongoing issue of Center pressing up on giving Hyderabad law and order powers to the Governor. They have dashed in to the Speaker’s well and demanded the issue to be taken immediately. After couple of adjournments, the Home Minister gave a statement to the house regarding this issue.

“The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act was prepared by the previous UPA government. According to the 8th schedule of the act, Governor is the incharge of law and order, internal security and common assets protection in Hyderabad which will remain the capital of both the Telugu states for a period of 10 years. Accordingly, two advisors were appointed to the Governor.” TRS MPs even tried to obstruct the Home Minister’s speech.