Chandrababu naidu-Arun jaitleyCentral government is all set to shock Andhra Pradesh government. Reports are emerging that Union Finance Ministry had finalized Andhra Pradesh’s first year Revenue deficit as just 6000 Crore when the state government is claiming it to be over 16000 Crore. The Union government refused to take in to consideration – Runa Mafi, Pensions and other social welfare schemes while calculating that.

So far the Union government had given 2800 Crore for Revenue deficit and it may give another 4000 Crore at most sources say. However the state government is not agreeing to this calculation, they say except for Runa Mafi, every thing are old schemes and should be considered for Revenue Deficit.

If the Center agrees for that, the state is likely to get some more funds or may have to adjust with this 4000 Crore. Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act mandates the Central government to bear the entire revenue deficit of the truncated state for the first year after the state bifurcation.