Center Asks Jagan To Explain!Union Government has asked Andhra Pradesh Government to send the complete details of Andhra Pradesh Development Corporation. The state government has floated this corporation to take loans for various welfare schemes. The name development and taking loans actually are contradictory and have come under huge criticism.

Meanwhile, the center has also written to the state government asking some vital questions. “How can you mortgage the future income from excise department and take loans? “Respond immediately and explain. This move is against Article 266(1) of the constitution,” the center said.

The center also sought the opinion about the Law department citing that Andhra Pradesh Development Corporation is against Article 293(3) of the Indian constitution. In the letter to the state government, the center also questioned how the state government could mortgage Vishaka Collectorate and other government assets.

The state government is likely to be in serious trouble if these allegations are proven right.