Center Allocates Funds For Amaravati As AP CapitalThe central government has made a provision in the budget in the name of Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The central government has made allocations in the 2022-23 budget, citing Amravati as the AP capital. The center has allocated funds for capital construction under the AP Reorganization Act.

In the Union Budget, the central government has provided funds for the construction of staff quarters in Amaravati. The Center has estimated the cost of construction of the secretariat at Rs 1,214 crore and for staff quarters at Rs 1,126 crore. The Center has estimated the cost of land acquisition for GPVOA at Rs 6.69 crore.

The Center has said that a total of Rs 4.48 crore has been spent in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 budgets. In the 2021-22 budget, the Center has estimated the land acquisition cost of employees’ residences at Rs 21 crore and spent Rs 18.30 crore. The Center has estimated the construction cost of 300 AG staff quarters at Rs 200 crore.

The details came to light due to the demands for grants from the Union Urban Development Ministry. With YSR Congress Government pushing for three capitals and the legal issues surronding it, this has come as a crucial development.