Polavaram Project HeightA report in Eenadu mentions that Union Government is actively considering options to reduce the height of the Polavaram Project. Polavaram Full Water level is 45.72 meters and the minimum water level to be maintained is 41.15 meters.

Union Government has got a letter saying that reducing it by three meters will drastically reduce the submerging areas and thereby will finish the project in just 30,000 Crore. The Union Government is keen on that proposal due to the savings involved.

But then, such a move will also drastically cut the use of the Polavaram Project and is detrimental to the interests of Andhra Pradesh. Water can not be taken to Rayalaseema and Vishakapatnam. A few months ago, there were reports in the media that the State Government came up with this idea to finish Polavaram as soon as possible and claim the credit for project completion.

The report in Eenadu does not mention who wrote the letter to the Center giving this idea. Polavaram is the only good that has happened to Andhra Pradesh with the state bifurcation. If that is also tinkered, it will be a gross injustice to Andhra Pradesh.