CCTV Footage Captures Coffee Shop Assault on IndianWell, acts of aggression have surely increased post pandemic where people seem to be intolerant of little developments in their life. One such incident occurred in Sydney, Australia. A staff member at Soul Bowl Café in Rosehill, Sydney, was quite shaken after a customer allegedly assaulted him by pouring a cup of hot coffee on his face.

CCTV footage shows that the customer initially ordered two takeaway coffees. Even as the barista Suman Dhital starts making coffee, another young woman puts in an order. However, the man insists that he wants to pay for the young woman, which the young woman politely declined.

Suman said when he refused to take the payment for the coffee keeping the young lady’s sentiments in mind, the man allegedly turned aggressive and started abusing the barista. But the worse was to follow when the man threw two hot coffees at him.The coffee fell over Suman’s face, hands, jacket, and all over the place in the coffee shop. Dhital was left with burns on his hands and face.

However, the café owner Lily Semaan has categorically said that they will not tolerate such behavior and they will find out who the person was and take it up till the end. She even posted the video on the café’s social media.

The 31-year-old man has been charged with a case of common assault and is due to appear in July at Parramatta Local Court.