Andhra Bhavan, the famous state guest house in New Delhi which serves traditional Andhra Cuisines to Telugu people in the National Capital is divided between AP and Telangana in the ratio of 52 and 48. AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu is now planning to revamp the state’s share. He has approached the National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC) to develop it into a modern convention center and a five star hotel or serviced apartment complex.

The convention center is expected to have a capacity to seat over 2,000 people which will be used both for the state government and the public. The new complex will also house the office and residence of the state’s resident commissioner. The famous canteen will be moved to a different location within the new complex. Government is of the primary plan to lease the property to a top hotel on a revenue sharing basis. Funds generated from this will be utilized to fund the construction of the entire complex.