Last 5 years have been a nightmare for Telugu Desam Party, its leaders and cadre. The state bifurcation issue successfully overshadowed all the major issues and cornered Chandra Babu to make a choice between two regions – Seema Andhra and Telangana. Seema Andhra regions has the most MLAs in the AP Assembly making it difficult to ignore. On the other side, Telangana is strong forte for Telugu Desam Party since its inception. So, CBN was successfully cornered using this issue.

However, Telangana Bill is out of Andhra Pradesh state assembly purview now and the onus is on Delhi and parties like BJP to pass it or not. When we review the condition of political parties in the state. YSR Congress is totally closed in Telangana. Congress according to analysts will record its lowest tally ever.

But TDP is the only party which has presence in both the regions now. It is the only party which can field candidates in all the 294 assembly segments despite suffering damage in Telangana. This can be termed as Chandra Babu Naidu’s biggest victory.