Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has turned down the proposal file of increasing the land rates by 30% in Urban areas. These rates were proposed by Stamps and Registrations department and the file was signed by Deputy Chief Minister, KE Krishna Murthy. But Chandra Babu did not sign it asking the department to reconsider the price rise as it will be a burden for people in the form of registration costs.

Increasing the land value will also increase the burden of the government when it gets to acquire land for the state capital. Chandra Babu has refused the proposal on this grounds too. At the same time with this move, Government will also lose the extra income on registrations. There was too much rush at all the registrar offices in AP over the past one week as people wants to complete the registrations before the price rise came in to effect. With this decision, they can calm down.