CBN meets President tonight
Chandra Babu Naidu flew to Delhi early this morning. He was accompanied by Telugu Desam MLAs and MPs of both the regions. He will be meeting several National leaders and explain them how Congress is cheated Telugu people for electoral gains. He will be also explaining them how Telangana bill is violating several constitution clauses. We are not sure if he will ask them not to support the bill.

Chandra Babu also has the appointment of President of India, Pranab Mukherjee tonight at 7.30PM. He will request President to intervene the state bifurcation and put an end to Constitutional abuse carried out by Congress Party. These meetings will be crucial for Telugu Desam Party as any mistake will make Chandra Babu as barrier of Telangana in the region. On the other side, Samayikyawadis believe that CBN will be using all his experience and stop national leaders from supporting the bill if placed in Parliament.