CBN May Come Back To Power: AP Deputy CMAP Deputy Chief Minister Narayanaswamy asked the entire Reddy community in the state to remain united and once again give their full support to CM Jagan. He warned them not to fight among each other.

He was speaking at a friendly meeting arranged in Vijayawada on the occasion of Gyanendra Reddy getting appointed as foreign and expatriate affairs adviser to the state government.

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“I can see that people do not see eye to eye in the Reddy community. I can see it in every village. If you fight like this, you will give the power in a platter to Chandrababu Naidu,” the deputy CM said.

“We have kept the power in the hands of the Reddy community. Please do not destroy it,” he added. Interestingly, Narayana Swamy is a Dalit himself.

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Meanwhile, there is a criticism on social media on Jagan Mohan Reddy for accomodating another person from the Reddy community in a nominated post.

Gyanendra Reddy was a three-time MP previously on behalf of Congress party. He was previously active in Praja Rajyam Party as well.

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