After the stupendous success of his Jana Sena inauguration event, Pawan Kalyan is keenly working on the party structure and future plans. State media is abuzz that Pawan Kalyan had finished one round of talks with Telugu Desam Party Supremo, Chandra Babu Naidu regarding a possible alliance with the party. It is also told that he will be meeting BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate, Narendra Modi today or tomorrow. There are talks that these three parties will work hand in hand in the upcoming elections. There are also some reports that Lok Satta Party may also join this coalition.

Chandra Babu Naidu today hinted about the alliance in his Twitter account. He tweeted, “All future alliances with national/state parties will be in the best interests of Telugu people. Will come up with a road map”. There is no chance of TDP aligning with Congress, YSR Congress and TRS. Communists seem to be distancing themselves. In all probability, he could be referring to BJP, LSP and Jana Sena.

On the other side, there are mixed reactions about this Pawan Kalyan’s move in fans. Some of them opine that these big parties will not allow Jana Sena to grow and also the party can not show any difference aligning with these traditional parties. However another section say this is the best chance for him as there is no time and organizational structure for Jana Sena to go in to people.