CBN clears line for Pawan Kalyan's man?

If the buzz in the Political circles are to be believed, there may be a change in TDP Vijayawada MP candidate. Pawan Kalyan is pressing Chandra Babu to issue the seat to his close aide, Potluri Vara Prasad. He offered to campaign for TDP and BJP’s alliance provided PVP is given Vijayawada seat. It is said that Chandra Babu yielded to the pressure and is asking Kesineni Nani, Vijayawada Parliament In-charge to move to Penamaluru Assembly seat. Kesineni Nani spent 16 Crores there and PVP had to refund him the amount. It is said that PVP is almost confirmed for the seat.

Potluri Vara Prasad was earlier with Jagan. He was Vijayawada Parliamentary seat incharge from YSR Congress. But he later differed with Jagan on some issue and walked out of the party. He met Chandra Babu Naidu later and requested him for Vijayawada MP seat. But CBN refused him the seat, it was then PVP teamed up with Pawan Kalyan. He even funded the public meetings of Jana Sena.