CBN at helm – AP in safe hand!

Chandra Babu Naidu is back to power after 10 years of exile. His entry came at a crucial juncture when Seema Andhra is going to start the office with out a proper state capital and sufficient budget. Chandra Babu during his tenure is known for the economic reforms. He got on track the economy of the state and made investments flow with his farsightedness and hard work. And now exactly that vision is required for Seema Andhra.

Telugu Desam Party may be relieved that they have got good majority in the state assembly and they need not worry about politics in the next 5 years. It was very tough for Chandra Babu in the last 2 terms. He had to combat with the mighty YS Raja Sekhar Reddy in the first term while the state bifurcation and Jagan’s juggernaut in the bielections posed threat for the party in the second term. But Chandra Babu sailed through with his hard work and mettle. Otherwise who would have tried 2500 Km Padayatra at the age of 62?

Looking at the Jagan’s impatient behavior in the press meet after losing the elections, it is clear that Opposition will come hard at Naidu in whatever he will take up. Chandra Babu may have to saddle Jagan too. Congress government had played with law and order and finally let Jagan off the hook. 1000s of Crores should be recovered and added to state treasury. A clear message should be sent that political corruption will not be spared. All the Best Chandra Babu Naidu!